EDC tray with molded EDC sheaths

Measurements and Molding Leather

I firmly believe that if you are paying a premium price for a premium product, it has  to be as close to perfect as it can be.  So through lots of trial and error I’ve figured out tolerances, proper friction and fitment of sheaths, how a watch band should sit on your wrist, and the ideal fit for a belt that may need the extra adjustment to attach a concealed carry holster.. just to name a few.

And with that said, please take your time to read my instructions on how to take measurements for the perfect fit for watchbands, belts, dog collars, etc.  It will be worth it to get it right the first time!

For sheaths, I will likely need to physically have your item so that I can mold the leather to it.  I keep some common inventory, so please let me know the make and model of your item.  It's possible I may have the same item.  If you are purchasing new, you can have the item shipped here from the factory, then I'll work my magic and ship it to you with a new sheath. If it’s something you have at home, you’ll probably have to ship it to me.  If you are local, then you can bring it by.

For watchbands, I can look up the specifications for any watch in the world.  I will not need your watch to make a band but I will need the make/model.  (Most watches have the model number on the back plate).

Pretty much everything else comes down to good measurements.  Should you become a repeat customer and need to order another like item, I’ll have your measurements on file (unless you put on a few extra pounds between orders 😆)

Lastly, I don’t make gun holsters.  The logistics and supplies needed to build holsters isn’t an endeavor I want to tackle in an already flooded market of good leather holster makers.  I can refer you to a couple that do excellent work, it's just not what I do.
Hopefully that answers a few questions.  I look forward to getting something going for you! -T.O.

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