Custom sheath, western diamond back inlay

Creating custom leather for you.

    Whether I’m making a key chain, a high-end custom belt with an exotic skin inlay, or a sheath for an heirloom pocketknife, you’re going to get 100% attention and effort from me.  I think what sets my goods apart from a majority of others out there is attention to detail and innovation.  Can a leather belt be re-invented?  The simple answer is yes!  Before I began crafting leather, I always thought having a small knife hidden at the tip of a belt would come in handy.  After a lot of trial and error, I now make that as an option.  Sure, I’ll get knocked off eventually, but I’m the only leather crafter doing it now.  Another example is there’s not another craftsman using the ratchet track system and buckles on high-end leather belts.  I like ratcheting belts, and I like very high end leather..  I have combined them and make something nobody else does.  You'll see that in some of my stitching designs and unique custom product options.

    I take pride in using the inside AND outside of my leather products as a blank canvas to improve upon, and create a piece of utilitarian art that’s personalized for you.  I enjoy making things better and love the interactions and ideas of my customers.  So..  I look forward to collaborating with you on your future projects whether they are big or small.  You can be completely involved in the creative process or leave it up to me with a general direction.  At the end of the day my job is to create your vision and deliver a product that you will love.  
All the best- T.O.

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